Mega Moolah Launched For Mobile

A wait in the dentist room is never going to be the same again, neither will the commute to work or the wait on board the delayed train in you want to win big right? If you do and you have time on your hands, you might be pleased to learn that Spin3, a mobile gambling solution provider is to powered by Microgaming has launched Mega Moolah slots for Android operated smart-phones.

The Mega Moolah slots are the richest progressive jackpot prize slots games network of them all that means globally in the new Spin3 platform for Android is offering Mega Moolah as a completely native Android application to has been optimised for most popular smart-phone brands which includes the Samsung Galaxy Tablet as well as the HTC Flyer.

They are four different jackpot prizes for players of Mega Moolah to just imagine beating the top winner of this magnificent prize is worth buying a smart-phone to just so you can play this game and the biggest mega Moolah jackpot prize ever won was won on the 12th May 2009, when one lucky winner georgios M was playing at River Bell Casino and hit to all the right symbols to land a €6,374,434.00 prize.
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Mega Moolah Launched For Mobile
Mega Moolah Launched For Mobile
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