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A former aide to the Speaker of the House in Washington DC is the new Vice President of Government Affairs for the AGA and Mr. Whitaker Lee Askew has taken the highly respected position that was formerly held by John Versaggiand to he will join CEO/President Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. and VP Dorothy Jackson in running the boardroom for the AGA.

The American Gaming Association represents commercial casino entertainment and addresses federal legislation that affects employees, customers and members for the Mr. Askew is considered the perfect replacement for outgoing Mr. Versaggi because he has vital contacts and experience in collecting support from peers and lawmakers in broadening their list of gambling supporters is vital now and Mr. Askew has extensive experience.

And his record of success speaks for itself to With over 100 brand new members coming into Congress now to the perfect setting for Mr. Askew to use his experience to advocate the AGA’s stance on the gaming industry and its status as a national industry in monitor Mr. Askew and his new job and report any news on his challenge to expand support for the AGA and gamblers in the US in online gambling.
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American Gambling
American Gambling
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