A New Betfair IPad Mobile Gambling App

A new Betfair iPad mobile betting application has been launched due to positive response and strong demand in a betfair, one of the world’s largest betting exchange has released a completely revamped iPad mobile gaming application following the huge success of its original version.

The Mobile gaming has been on the increase in the last year in Betfair themselves claiming to have seen a 96 percent rise in trading from mobile betting to according to Betfair to the new application has been released due to strong demand from the customers, who require a new tablet friendly interface, with tablet orientated features.

A new application now features a variety of sporting events, instead of being solely confined to the most popular sporting events on the calendar to the application also makes it quicker for users to access the hottest sporting bets online and allows them deposit and withdraw funds faster than ever in the new app has also boosted Betfair’s employment in 2010 they employed just ten workers in mobile gaming and the new app saw that figure rise to sixty application also features access to a customer service team for gamers in need of assistance.
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A New Betfair IPad Mobile Gambling App
A New Betfair IPad Mobile Gambling App
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