New Android Mobile Gambling

The Microgaming is making great strides in the the mobile gaming industry and many are seeing it quickly become one of the fastest growing in existence to be at the forefront of this industry, Microgaming, the pioneer in the online gambling world, has launched a new Android Mobile Gambling Platform to the Head of Product Channels of Microgaming, Neill Whyte noted, “Mobile has been a key part of Microgaming’s strategy for the past few years and we already enjoy a strong market share with our existing suite of products.”

The isle of Man based Microgaming revealed that, “Android Air is an Adobe Air based application, available for use with tablets and smartphones running on Android it initially features 8 casino titles while it has plans to deliver at least 20 more games before the end of the year future games will be automatically added is connection state aware to players can choose to do these updates via WiFi rather than 3G microgaming stated that Android Air games will be available 'via a slick and user-friendly lobby’ while it has also fully revamped its banking and registration modules.

Neill Whyte head of product channels Microgaming that the new Android product will have a considerable impact in the current gambling industry to they already enjoy a good percentage of market share with existing products,
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New Android Mobile Gambling
New Android Mobile Gambling
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